Perdiki Village

Dear friend of Ikaria
Are you looking for a buildable piece of land, preferably high up in the mountains, with a great view of the Aegean Sea? Then this plot in Perdiki village might fulfill your expectations.

Some interesting information:
Perdiki is a village in northeast Ikaria. It is situated in the mountains at about 400m hight. It has has about 175 inhabitants, and the main city Agios Kyrikos is only 13 km away. 

Perdiki's story
The first inhabitant of the village was the farmer 'Perdikis' and he was mentioned in a contract of 1681. He gave his name to the village. 
Perdiki is a surprisingly big village and the environment is quite impressive. You'll find parennial trees and crystal clear waters, you can hike the canyon of Avgolimi and the dense forest of Arenia. Perdiki also has a history of 'secrecy and ceremony'; you can visit the Draskospilo cave that in the old times was a place for secret ceremonies. When hiking and walking around in the area you'll also stumble upon churches of the 17th and 18th century, and not to forgot the folklore museum and the castle of Lefas (both absolutely worth a visit!).

Hope you enjoyed the content...