Dear friend of Ikaria,


Buying a property in Ikaria takes a little bit more than simply swopping money for land or a house: you need to take a few ‘official’ steps into account.

After you have chosen the property that fits to your criteria you should mainly provide the following documents to Ikaria Real Estate in order to complete your file for the purchase.

  • identity card or passport

  • a Greek tax number you get from the Registry Department of the Tax Office. This is what we call in Greek an ‘AFIMI’.

 I usually run all the paperwork for you - after you have given me a Power of Attorney - otherwise we run through it together.



However, if you are a foreign natural person (an individual) or a foreign legal person (a company) and you have official residence outside the member states of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association, you are not allowed to acquire any real right to a property that is located in ‘border areas’ of Greece. And unfortunately, Ikaria island is border area.

 To deal with this restriction we make an application to a special committee that can cancel the prohibition of the transactions. This application is related with the property. The whole procedure takes nowadays only about 4 months. This is peanuts compared to the 3 years of waiting time it used to take.

 In any case you will need to provide the following documents:

  • a short cv in Greek or your cv translated by a lawyer or a public authority, e.g. embassy

  • a copy of your valid passport certified by a competent authority or a lawyer

  • your criminal record certificate with certified translation

  • a Solemn Declaration of N.1599 / 1986 in which you state that you have not been referred to trial, have not been prosecuted with criminal prosecution and that you conform to examine sensitive personal data by the State Authorities of Greece with possible interview, also certified by a competent authority or a lawyer.

  • a Residence Permit if you declare to be a resident of Greece

And in case that another person is authorized for submitting a signature, the file of documentation will need a Power of Attorney.

 I really hope that I haven’t bewildered you too much with this kind of information? Just know that I’m here to assist you from start to finish. Any problems that might come up, will be solved as quick as possible. Really, there’s no reason for worry.

Hope you enjoyed the content...