Did you know...( part 2)

Did you know ... ( Part 2)?
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This time: Ikaria through the centuries...


  • Pampoion is considered the oldest Ikarian dish. It contains various vegetables such as aubergines, pepers, zuchinies, onions, garlic olive oil and was bake on stones.Cooked mainly in summer time.
  • During the fifth century B.C. the population of the island rose to 13 000 inhabitants. The wealth of the island is verified during that time by the economical contribution to the Athenian alliance.
  • During the beginning of the fourteenth century up until 1475,  Ikaria was under Genovese occupation.
  • The sixteenth century is well noted as the Dark Age whereas the Ikarian people chose to stay on the island creating the impression of total desertion. The inhabitants retreated into the mountains where they built their ‘invisible’ houses. The main hiding places were Lagada, Koumaron,Plakoti, Pezi, Kampa, Stavlos, Keramoto, Arnopeza, Kosikiaa, and Xylino. Lagada, for example, is nowadays still known for its ‘hidden villages’.

  • In 1900, 16 000 people inhabited Ikaria. This is the biggest population ever recorded on the island.


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