The town of Evdilos...

Dear friend of Ikaria,

As I am showing you lately a lot of listings in Evdilos area, it might be interesting for you to know, 
some things about Evdilos village:

  • Evdilos is amphitheatrically built, and it is built on the coast, which is an innovation after 1830. It bears witness to the end of piracy in Ikaria (before this time, it was too dangerous to have your house near the coastline).

About the name ‘Evdilos’, there’s more than just one theory to tell you:

  • First of all it is said that Evdilos got its name from a beautiful princess – her name was Evdilia - that lived in the palace of Kampos.
  • It is said also that the name ‘Evdilos’ comes from a wish (‘Have a good journey to Dilos’) from the times that Ikaria had joined the Athenian alliance, 5th Century BC.
  • A third explanation says that Evdilos means ‘Something that you can see  from very far away’. And it’s true: when you are driving the road from Agios Kirikos to Evdilos, you can actually see Evdilos way before you even reach Karavostamo!


The economic life of Evdilos flourished from the middle of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century; especially the trade of raisins and other products, wine, almonds, figs, apricots e.t.c where booming.

The richness and prosperity of those times still shows in the architecture of the village. In Evdilos you will find mostly neoclassical houses and in the most wealthy buildings you are sure to find some fine colored frescoes!


Nowadays, Evdilos is the second port of Ikaria, and mainly serves the north side of the island. The village offers a variety of all kinds of stores: grocery stores, bakeries, butchers, clothing shops, shops for household necessaries or outdoor materials, coffee shops, post office, bank, tourist offices, taverns and restaurants. There’s a primary school and a high school right in the center of Evdilos. A little bit more outward, on the road towards Kerame, you will find also a medical center, and a nursery school.

Hope you enjoyed the content...