Season opening...

Dear friend of Ikaria

 It’s been a really long time since my last newsletter. The summer season has been extremely busy and – luckily – it still continues.

 International interest for real estate and properties on Ikaria is gradually blooming. Clients are coming now from all over the world. Ikaria turns out to be – due to fairly cheap prices - an ideal place for investment. Yes, Ikaria CAN become the home of your dreams: a place to live a long and happy life. The decision is yours.

 Over the past decade several interesting activities have been started up in Ikaria. Especially those that are looking for alternative kinds of holidays, have many activities to choose from: concerts, music seminars, yoga seminars, writing seminars, bouldering, surf camps, cooking classes, Greek language classes … Most of these activities and seminars are taking place from April till October, some of them all over the year.

 The international mass media are still making research about Ikaria’s lifestyle and longevity. Ikaria’s fame as a ‘Blue Zone Island’, a place where people live a long and healthy life, is still expanding at a rapid pace. From 2008onwards I’ve had the chance to help and work for several newspapers and TVshows that were making documentaries about Ikarian longevity (Blue Zones, New York Times magazine, National Geographic, CNN, ABC, PBS, Volkswagen magazine, the Australian 60', Daily Mail, and many others). These past three months I was honored to work with the Israeli TV, again New York Times magazine and the Australian Seven network for the Sunday night TV show (this only to show you how busy I was!).

 Every time I found new reasons why Ikaria is so special. We might not have the infrastructures and luxuries that other islands have but believe me, in Ikaria you will experience a lot of surprising things. She’ll (yes, Ikaria is female) even put you on a rollercoaster of emotions! Open up all your senses and Ikaria will make you smell, taste, touch and feel things you’ve never experience before.

 For the opening of my new newsletter season I have prepared myself well: I’ve collected heaps of nice stories and I have quite a few new properties for sale. And because I want to make amends for my 3 months absence, I will send you – Hurray! Hurray! - my newsletters TWO TIMES a week. Yes, you just read my words correctly: my newsletter will be dropped into your inboxevery sweet Monday and Thursday.

Hope you enjoyed the content...